About Me

I am a very lucky man. I have a fun, loving wife, two happy children and I work in an occupation that rewards my creative expression while enriching the lives of others! Also, I am allowed to spend a great amount of time with my family and treat them to mini-vacations when I travel for destination weddings!

I tend to work primarily on weekends and spend the rest of my time involved in other pursuits, including family time at the pool or park, exercising, attempting to learn javascript, reading, lots of volunteering, and discovering new needs and ways to help others.

I am truly blessed. I belong to a great church and have strong accountability partners that help keep me focused on God and family first. I enjoy very simple things, like jogging as the sun rises and the beauty of the sky or nature. I get excited when I consider the myriad of future possibilities that I look forward to. I always have a passion for a project and I am a morning person, bounding out of bed, eager to resume my life and passions each day. I look forward to bringing my passion, energy and skill to every job.

My Philosophy

There is a popular saying with business networks, "Givers get." This saying is true in life, but I hate to think that others sole reason to give is their motivation to recieve. I trust completely in God to provide for my family and I have faith that I am called to give in a selfless manner, without thought for compensation.

My Walk and the Fruits of My Spirit.

I am actively involved in ministry at my church and I am sure to never market or promote myself as a photographer there. I also give my time and finances to support the Childrens Home Society and the Defender Foundation. I have always been committed to service in the church and I know that I have an 'Acts Of Service' personality. I thoroughly enjoy helping others and I am counted as one of the people who gain more pleasure from giving than I do from receiving. I am fortunate to be able to be a good steward and give to others without needing anything in return. I value relationships and I look to help others wherever I see a need.

I was fortunate to be exposed to the 5 Love Languages book when my wife and I were engaged, taking marriage preparation classes at Christ Fellowship. It is a great book and I encourage every new couple to delve in and discover the best way to relate to their spouse in the particular laungauge your partner favors.

Like My Work?

I would love the opportunity to really 'wow' you and I encourage you to contact me with as many questions as you can think of!
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